Jennifer Warner British Genealogist

Jennifer Warner - British Genealogist

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Research Help

Sometimes, when people research their own family tree, they need a little help to get over an obstacle or piece of missing information.

If requested, I am happy to take a look at where you are brickwalled and see if I can help. As it takes time to look through your tree and understand the brickwall, if I am able to solve the problem I will charge for two hours of work. If I am unable to help with the particular obstacle there will be no charge.

Any requests for further help will be charged at my usual hourly rate.

Rate - £15 / hour
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Present Day Photographs

If requested, digital photographs can be taken of any sites of interest found while researching your family tree. The photographs will then be posted to you in jpeg format on a CD.

It may also be possible to use other formats such a raw, or 35mm slr. Please feel free to enquire if I can help with your specific requirements.

When the request is just for photography, the price will include return travelling time from Birmingham (UK).

Rate - £25 / hour