Jennifer Warner British Genealogist

Jennifer Warner - British Genealogist

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Sorry, but due to demand I am unable to accept new clients during 2014.


People with British heritage are very fortunate that accurate records of their ancestors' lives have been recorded and preserved over many centuries. This means that most people with British ancestry can have a knowledge and appreciation of the lives of the people they are descended from.

As a qualified historian and professional British genealogist I would be very happy to research your genealogy.

The professional genealogist packages detailed on this site range from straightforward research based around births, marriages, deaths and census information to more in-depth investigations of parish records, libraries, and county and historical archives.

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I graduated from Birmingham University with an Honours degree in Medieval and Modern History in 1983, and have twelve years of genealogy experience. My research makes use of many sources of information, both on-line and in the field. Based in central England, I am well placed for travelling and researching a wide area of the country.